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White Elm
Over the last twenty years, environmental, conservation and general wildlife issue's have come to prominence.

Books are produced at a phenomenal rate for the general public for every denunciation. With a few exceptions the majority are bland, textbook tomes - and not very innovative.

There is room for improvement.

Alan (or more commonly "Al") Taylor is an Illustrator with not just an artistic talent but a passion for Natural History in all it's forms.

His ideal is to produce natural history illustrations that will inspire others to share his fascination and love for the world around us in all it's myriad forms.

Blue World
"In the grand scheme of things, our fragile planet has produced, through evolution or divine intervention, an incredibly complex and diverse eco structure of life. From basic amoeba to human beings, the phylogenic scale contains "life forms" adapted to their environment which almost defy belief.

"The odd, the unusual, and the bizarre are commonplace in nature. Even the most everyday plant forms are highly complex organisms with a part to play in our world.

"Through my illustrations I would like to share my sense of wonder and awe with the rest of the world."

Please use the links above to navigate through Al's site and join him in his journey through the natural world.