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Al Taylor
Alan's affinity with the natural world stems from childhood. He studies his subjects with a restless excitement and says, "ecology and the diversity of habitats and their species should be of utmost importance. When you have studied a species in depth, its life style, and how it's adapted to its environment, then it becomes a fascinating subject.

"The natural world is not always beautiful and wonderful, but it is amazing. When you answer one question it creates a half dozen more, and this is why I will never tire of it."

Alan roams the green areas of the cities and the countryside where he finds himself recording in diaries all the species that he sees. He has been doing this kind of thing for many years and has, through experience, become very adept in his knowledge of his subject. In his early years he just recorded the species and drew small doodles. From this to sketches and then finally to the full-blown artworks that you can see today.

Alan spent most of his early working life in the construction industry but has worked for the National Trust at Saltram House in Plymouth. A self-taught artist, he painted intermittently and found his love of nature a growing passion.

He decided to take five years out to make a dream a reality. Alan was accepted at Plymouth Art College on the merit of his art and nature writings. Graphic Design was the doorway into Illustration, and after two years study he achieved the highest award (Distinction) for his work. He applied for a place at Falmouth College of Art and was accepted. There, Alan specialized in Natural Scientific Illustration and graduated after three years with a Bachelor of Arts (2.1).

Alan has had numerous acknowledgements for his interest in wildlife.

He has been in charge of a wildflower meadow for a season, and has appeared in local and national newspapers. A small piece of writing was printed in the BBC Wildlife Magazine and Sea Angler, and he used to write a regular wildlife newsletter for a specific Urban Wildlife Reserve.

A business trip to New York to show his work to various publishers and agents was conducted early in 2004. This proved an invaluable experience. Many establishments including Time Warner Books took copies of his work for potential future work. Other prestigious organisations that agreed to interview Alan on a portfolio review included The Natural History Museum of New York, the Art and Illustrators Agency of Richard Solomon and American Artists.

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Alan received an invitation to attend the world famous New York's Illustrators Annual Meeting, and he gladly accepted.

His artwork has been shown in exhibitions in Plymouth, Falmouth and the New Designers Show in Islington, London.

Alan now resides in Falmouth where he works from home. He is currently planning his next project, his own natural history book using his own diaries and sketch books to add that personal touch.